7 Common Mistakes you’re making When decorating Your Room

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7 Common Mistakes you’re making When decorating Your Room

By MuchRoom team | Furniture

09/04/2019 - 09:09 am

If you’re decorating a room and your only consultant is Pinterest, it's easy to fall in all sorts of traps. It is actually hard to find someone who didn't fail at decorating at least once because it is an intimidating task. Interior architects are here to guide you. Read the article and avoid these rookies decorating faux pas:

1- Messy Cables

Nothing screams Chaos more than wires hanging around in your room.

Messy cables are a dangerous mistake; they can ruin the most aesthetically pleasing room. Thankfully you have plenty of solutions to conceal that mess. Strips can be hidden inside drawers and behind decorations.

You can also buy a cable zipper. You will love how easy and fast it is to organize any number of cords and wires with it.

2- Blocking Natural Light

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Chandeliers, Spotlights, and table lamps play an important aspect in a room but if you fail to look after natural light, you room will never seem right. So if you don’t want to end up with a dull and uninviting space, watch out for poorly placed curtains and accessories.

And if large windows are not an option you can place mirrors on walls opposite to windows, so that they’d reflect daylight and create a brighter home.

3- Matchy-Matchy furniture

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Matching everything is the cardinal sin of decorating that you need to avoid at all cost. It is borderline tacky. Think about items that go together, rather than match.

Coordination is key.

4- Not having a focal point

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To nail a beautifully designed room, you can’t neglect the focal point. It’s the star of the room; the first place viewers’ eyes should land when they enter the room.

It can be a fireplace, an eye-catching gallery wall, and even a potted tree. In a bedroom, the bed itself is usually a natural focal point. You can also create a focal point by using bold wallpaper, topped off with a large mirror. You have countless options, choose the best one!

Keep in mind that a big room can have more than one focal point.

5- Pushing furniture against the walls

Image from Roohome.com

It’s tempting to push all big furniture up against the walls to make your space seem bigger but it creates a formal, unwelcoming vibe. Pulling some of your furniture off your walls by only a few inches will create a better sense of balance and a warmer ambiance.

6- Not giving the eye places to rest

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Avoid crowding the space; it will make your space seem cluttered even when clean.

You don’t need to show all your belongings in one space. In other words, try to not over stimulate the eye.

7- Not measuring a room

When decorating a room, the first thing you need to do is measure your space. Skipping this step is one of the most common mistakes. Check our last article to know how to take measurements like an interior architect.

Decorating a room can be like walking through a field of land mines, the wrong step can destroy your space aesthetic. You can trust your guts and do it by yourself or ask an expert for help!