Quado X Bear Grass Leafs

Quado X Bear Grass Leafs Quado is an artwork perceiving an abstract of Beirut city in collaboration with greenery. Size: 22 cm x 19 cm x 5 cm, rectangular shape. Weight: 3 kg. Order will include: - Quado concrete display - Glass cylinder - Care book - Awareness card 1 (plants care) - Awareness card 2 (trees advantages) - Green natural leaf or plant (Verdant life) An extension of verdant life, creates balance between man made and nature, adding greenery to your house inspired from the chaotic Beirut. Returns - After placing an order, disclaiming can be accepted only after 24 hours from ordering date. - Any problem with your order after delivery, should be reported within 24 hours through e-mail or phone number. - Cash is always upon delivery. In case you would like to pay by visa card, kindly notify us in the notes section. /end




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