Quado X Philodendron Leaf

Quado X Philodendron Leaf Quado is an artwork perceiving an abstract of Beirut city in collaboration with greenery. Size: 22 cm x 19 cm x 5 cm, rectangular shape. Weight: 3 kg. Order will include: Quado concrete display Glass cylinder Care book Awareness card 1 (plants care) Awareness card 2 (trees advantages) Green natural leaf or plant (Verdant life) An extension of verdant life, creates balance between man made and nature, adding greenery to your house inspired from the chaotic Beirut. Returns After placing an order, disclaiming can be accepted only after 24 hours from ordering date. Any problem with your order after delivery, should be reported within 24 hours through e-mail or phone number. Cash is always upon delivery. In case you would like to pay by visa card, kindly notify us in the notes section.




19 cm


5 cm

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Gray Goose Ash Gray

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